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Revise default DNS template values to meet RFC recommendations

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 11 years ago

Current DNS templates use the following values by default:

SOA value (86400)

Refresh (86400)

Retry (7200)

Expire (3600000)

Minimum TTL (86400)

And for the individual DNS records:

NS (86400)

A, MX, CNAME (14400)

We have noticed that some DNS checking utilities will say that our customers have DNS problems because the values we are using for some of the above settings are not meeting RFC recommendations.

For example, the Minimum TTL value... RFC2308 suggests a value of 1-3 hours, however the default is 24 hours. Another example, for the SOA Expire value, RFC1912 suggests 2-4 weeks, however the default value of 3600000 is well over 5 weeks (41 days).

Can someone at cPanel review the RFCs and then revise the default DNS values in all of the appropriate DNS templates? This would only affect new cPanel server installs.

Next... there should be a way to notify existing customers about the new default templates, so that cPanel server admins can decide if they want to implement the new values into their customized templates (I think that is how it would work? ) Or perhaps during upcp it would analyze all DNS templates and at least log a message that there are values being used that do not meet RFC recommendations (this would be more work and perhaps not necessary)

I am interested in input on this from other cPanel admins.

- Scott

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making things more standards compliant shouldnt even be a feature request. it should just be somethign put on the roadmap.


We are adjusting the various zone templates to have the following TTLs in the SOA:

86400 ; refresh, seconds

7200 ; retry, seconds

1209600 ; expire, seconds

3600 ) ; minimum, seconds

Comments, of course, are welcome.


we are using these values:

3600 ; refresh, seconds

1800; retry, seconds

604800; expire, seconds

86400; minimum, seconds

and 600 (10 minutes) for records like IN A. We are moving a lot of accounts from one server to another so we need dns changes to propagate as soon as possible. 10 minutes is the minimum accepted standard. we check if our zones are compliant with the standards using tools from, intodns and other similar tools.


Thanks for your comment. It made me realize the SOA values for refresh and minimum were reversed. We've adjusted this and the changes are now available in version 54.

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