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RoundCube Support for Outlook Calendar Sync (Like Horde)

PioneerWebsites shared this idea 4 years ago
Open Discussion

As a web-hosting provider, I would like RoundCube to support Outlook Calendar Sync so that Outlook mail client users can sync their Calendar events.

This was prompted by Benny's request for webmail ideas.

At the moment, Horde offers this through a plugin, and has to be enabled on the server .

We don't ordinarily allow Horde, since RoundCube is superior, and it's better for us to support just one webmail application for all users on our servers. However, to enable Outlook Calendar Sync, we currently have to enable Horde, meaning that users see it as an option.

As a work-around, if we could keep the Horde plugin feature but remove the availability of Horde in the interface that would at least stop users from being able to select it.

A better solution would be to have RoundCube cover the Outlook Calendar Sync requirement, and not have to keep Horde installed and updated. Additionally, the Horde plugin involves complications/risks because it's not shipped default with Horde... so a fully-fledge RoundCube solution for Outlook mail client Calendar Sync would be best.

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