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Sections of WHM consolidated wherever it is feasible

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As a Reseller, I want the sections of WHM consolidated wherever it is feasible, so that the WHM interface is more manageable.

Site5 requested that we consolidate WHM sections where it is feasible. For example Tweak Settings + Update Configuration + Basic Settings can become cPanel Settings.

That whole Account Functions group could use a facelift IMHO. A more consistent look on all the pages in this group (and some others) would be nice. Some are styled pretty well some are not styled at all.

If we can slim down WHM's left menu with more groups of tabs like Tweak Settings in here great.

It would only take a single page to edit all attributes of an account.

There is no point to having a seperate page for changing disk quota a seperate page for changing bandwidth quota etc... Just a simple Edit account page where you can modify all the values associated with that account and then save it in a single action is much better. It will also reduce the clutter in the WHM interface as there are SO MANY links on the left each dealing with just 1 little thing so much consolidation could happen here to tidy things up and overall reduce the time spent in WHM.

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It would also be nice to have Apache Settings back to a single page, instead of all the Security options scrambled on the menu.


We have some ideas about providing a consolidated user/account management interfaces. If anyone is familiar with Enkompass SAI (See the first attachment), some of the designs are similar.

Most of the concepts involve building a complex account lister similar to list accounts, but with more fields, a link to every action you can perform on an account, multiple account selection and modification, ability to show/hide columns, CSV download of the filter set or select, ...

The tool would include ways to filter the list contents by multiple common fields.

Here are some of the user scenarios we think you all may want with such an interface:Select all the accounts for a specific reseller.

  1. Select all the resellers.
  2. Select all the sub account for a reseller.
  3. Select all the accounts that have problems: (Locked, Over Quota, Expired Certs)
  4. Select all the accounts on a package or specific package.
  5. Select all the accounts not on a package.
  6. What else?

If this is part of what you had in mind for this feature, I would be interested on hearing what additional features you want us to consider for a consolidate account manager. Specifically are there other account selection scenarios that you would find valuable? Also, what actions would you like to perform with multiple accounts selected?

[I also attached the current WHM list accounts below for your reference.]

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