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separate backups

freedomizer shared this idea 10 years ago
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I have found out the hard way that the new backup system has only 1 backup created even if you have monthly selected. So if youhave daily and monthly selected, you only have thismornings backup and do not have from the 1st and 15th (very misleading user interface). (I had to restore an account from a few days ago and the only backup i had was of this morning which had all the files deleted already)

This is not the case with the old backup which created 3 separate backups even for incremental.

The new backup system should create separate backups for:



Whichever format will be implemented, there should be a backup from today and there should be a backup from 15 to 1 month ago.

The old backup logic was much healthier than the new one. The new backup interface could be totally disposed of from my point of view (disables destinations on error=unrelieable, keeps only 1 backup of today and no earlier = totally useless as in all cases of catastrophy or account hack, they occur at night and the hack gets backed up and we have no earlier restore point.)

I consider backups more important than ANY OTHER extra feature, this being a source of a potential MAJOR catastrophy.

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