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Separate "Webalizer" and "Webalizer FTP" features

Mike shared this idea 4 years ago
Open Discussion

As a web hosting provider, I would like to separate the "Webalizer" and "Webalizer FTP" icons into separate features so that I can remove the "Webalizer FTP" feature which is pointless to my customers (and therefore unnecessarily clutters the interface) while retaining the "Webalizer" feature.

The "Webalizer" analytics software is pretty good for those who don't need heavy analytics with JS tracking on their website (especially with recent GDPR issues around tracking etc). But, the "Webalizer FTP" icon must surely be rarely used. I know for my customers, I would like to remove the FTP icon to tidy up the interface, but unfortunately it seems I cannot! I want to give my customers less icons to choose from, to make web hosting less daunting, in an era where more potential customers are likely to opt for off the shelf SaaS type solutions over self hosting.

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