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Set home directory for reseller

linkoficial shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a web hosting provider I would like cPanel to provide a way for root & account resellers to manually choose which disk is used when creating new accounts as part of the account feature package, allowing me to charge more for accounts that desire hosting on higher-speed disks.

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This is exactly what we need.


This would be useful for our accounts we put on our storage array, to provide them with more disk space than our standard accounts stored on our smaller local disks.


If the server is having SSD drives and SATA drives, then the root user can allocated a reseller to SSD or SATA.


While i DO want this i would like it one step more

we can choose home, home1, ...

but also be able to choose if Mail and WWW folders are in same home

this is have

Home- Default

Home1 - ssd

Home2 - HDD

WHM would default to home but if client want to pay for speed I choose home1 if they also want large about of email storage an alias from /home1/user/mail would lead to /home2/user/mail allowing me large about of storage but the website would still have the speed for customers.


Hi, any news on this "absolutely needed" feature?

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