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Setting up first account in WHM

Jesse Asklund shared this idea 8 years ago
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As a beginner or novice user to the WHM interface, I would like an easy guided way to creating my first account. The WHM interface has lots of options and it may be hard for a brand new user to find out what to do first, which typically should be setting up their first account.

Some of the options I think would be good are:

1. When -zero- accounts exist on the server, show a message/prompt at the top of WHM that indicates no accounts exist on the server and a method of guiding me to create my first account

2. Add an additional step after the initial configuration and feature showcase that I can optionally choose to be guided to create my first account.

3. Have a screen just before initial configuration that asks me if I'm a "novice" "intermediate" or "expert" user and guide me through setup prompts based on what's selected. Ideally have it so it's a touch file that can be removed/added so companies who provision templates can have it popup for new customers.

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