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SFTP via proftpd Server

samend shared this idea 8 years ago
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Dear Sir or Madam,

the rockenstein AG currently has conducted several tests of

the product WHM/cPanel and analyzed the results. Due to the largely very

positive outcome of our tests, we as a professional Internet service provider

are very interessted, in a timely commercial use of WHM/cPanel for the

realization of a new shared web hosting service in our company.

However, over the course of our

data transfer test we have noticed the following major deficiencies in the

actual available SFTP support in WHM/cPanel.


SFTP support is only available for the

cPanel-Accounts from WHM


SFTP is using the SSH daemon, which requires the

use of SSH instead of the SSH-user locks, which could be set via WHM


PROFTPD installation packages from the

cpanel-repositories have no usable SFTP-module mod_sftp

Please tell us immediately the release date for an

PROFTPD-Server Version from the cPanel Repository which enables the SFTP module

by default.

Kind regeards from germany

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This seems to boil down to adding mod_sftp to ProFTPD correct?

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This seems to boil down to adding mod_sftp to ProFTPD correct?


Hello Mr. Travis,

yes this is correct, please add the proftpd module „mod_sftp“ to

support SFTP for all cPanel Accounts and their FTP-Accounts via the proftpd

Server. Please ensure that this new feautre could be achieved as a part

of an „out-of-the Box Installation“ within the WHM menu:

„Serviceconfiguration->Select FTP-Server“.

Thanks again and Kind Regards from


Sven Amend


I hope cPanel allows to create SFTP users before removing the ability to create FTP users. If cPanel removes the ability to create FTP users without adding the ability to create SFTP users we will have to move to another panel in order to not loose alot of our customers.

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