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Shared or delegated email accounts in cPanel

Greg shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator and Web-Hosting Provider, I would like to be able to share email account access to other email users, such as generic team accounts like support, accounts, etc, so that team members will not have to log out and log back in to be able to access the shared email.


As a Sys Admin & hosting provider, I would like to have the option to share email account access to other email users. A good example for this is when you have a company using cpanel based emails and they have some generic accounts like info or support, accounts etc. Generally you will find that (in a company with at least a few staff) there are multiple people who will sign into this account and deal with the messages.

In my experience these users will also have their own company email accounts e.g. which means they need to be signed in twice. With a shared or delegated email account "john" could access the info account while only being signed into his account. This could also help single user cpanel accounts where the person managed multiple addresses. Having a number of people access one account directly is a bit messy. IF the password needs changed all the users need to know, if one leaves the password has to change to stop them logging in and so on. With a delegated access the user would only use their own email password to sign in and be able to check the shared account.

This should be configurable from within cPanel email interface for both the main cPanel user and the individual email account logins.

this would also be beneficial for others running multiple domains with the same email pattern e.g. and etc.

Gmail has a feature called delegation which is basically the same idea.

Other platforms have similar solutions by way of "group" inboxes where a number of users are assigned to the "group" which acts like an alias and allows all assigned users access to the group inbox

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This is something we have been doing for a long time and is one of our most popular features. General Info from Dovecot's site

Public folders are nice because they allow multiple users to see emails to one email address. i.e. go to public folder name admin. Imap read and replied flags work as well. So if a user reads the message the message is marked read for everyone. If someone replies, all can see the reply flag and go from there.

Shared Folders are nice for situations like where a secretary needs to monitor the boss' email. This allows her to view within her email client (or webmail) and reply as herself when needed.


It would be nice to have something like "shared mailboxes". Especially since e-mail is becoming an increasingly important part of doing business.


Yes, we need this feature. Especially we are in a small business.

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