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Show end user cronjobs in WHM

Marcelo Pedra shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a sysadmin, I would love to have an UI in WHM showing the cronjobs set by every cPanel user, with the command being executed, times, and if possible, the date it was setup.

This will help sysadmins to better search for possible bottlenecks caused by processes being run too often, or to find processes that may be consuming lot of resources recurrently.

In the other hand, showing the date in which each one was setup, will help to determine for how long it was running and to decide if it should be left alone or analyze/ask-the-customer if it's still needed. For existing cronjobs, it simply should show an "undetermined" start date.

This feature could be added to the WHM for resellers, too, as it is also an informative and useful UI for them.


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