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Show Entire Hostname In Top Bar Of WHM

Blicka shared this idea 7 years ago
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It would be great if WHM could show the entire hostname in the top bar of the main screen.

Currently it only shows the first part of the hostname minus the relevant domain.

We run mutliple servers and especially when logging in to DNS servers it is easy to be unaware of which cluster you are in.

e.g. we have then &

When we are logged in we only see dns1 written in the top bar. It would be great if it could show etc

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The hostname is already displayed in the top bar, in between the OS version and the cPanel version. In the attached screen snippet I've indicated the hostname from one of my servers.


Ah I'm not sure how I missed that one! But what about the full hostname like


with a large number of servers to admin just having the short name is an issue.

oops I rebooted the wrong server is not what my boss likes to hear!!

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