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Show /home/USER/public_html/error_logs in cPanel

Will Harrison shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a cPanel user I would like cPanel to include the ability to view the contents of the the php error logs hosted inside my /home/USER/public_html/ in the cPanel >> Errors interface, to avoid having to view these entries on the command line or through the File Manager.


Keep in mind the the error_log file is generated on the folder that the PHP file was executed at, it's usually public_html but not always. You can also disable logs, change the log filename or disable error_reporting thru PHP.

If you enable FPM, then there is a single error log for each domain that the customer owns in the logs folder, but again you can change that on the PHP settings or thru the FPM settings so it's not easily achievable.

I think that in order to do this, PHP errors should be changed to work in a similar way than the Apache domlogs are, in order to have them all in a unique and predictable directory, unless a customer changes it manually.

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