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Show in "Mail Delivery Reports" which filters were applied to an e-mail

Rafael Álvarez shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like the “Mail Delivery Reports” to show which filters are applied to each email so that I can tweak my filters to prevent legitimate emails being marked as spam or processed by a wrong filter.


I have been using cPanel for several years since I was 18. Nowadays I am the administrator of several servers one of which has a heavy e-mail usage. I have applied several filters to prevent spam, however occasionally some legit e-mails might be discarded and I've been unable to find out which filter was responsible for that.

That's why I believe it would be a nice feature to show in the Mail Delivery Report which filters or spam rules were applied to e-mails (including discarded e-mails), so we can correct possible mistakes and make EXIM more reliable.

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This is must have, spam filters need to be marked by ID number and that ID have to be present in mail delivery reports to get easy feedback of which filter is responsible for. Never understand, that this basic elementary feature is not there. It is painfull and slavery job to find filter specially in discard mode. In reject mode, you can put some own ID to the "reject message" to have idea of the filter responsible, as the reject message is shown in the mail delivery reports, but in discard mode, you see only the stupid "filtered" information.


Yes, please.

I do have legitimate emails being marked as spam comming from clients using Microsoft services ( too. Even if Outlook is marked as "trusted" in the common email providers in the greylisted list, just some email address get filtered. Not knowing why they are filtered is the issue here.

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