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Show owner in 'Modify Account' list, or link to account specific 'Modify Account' in WHM >> reslist

cp_Sky shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a web hosting provider I would like to see current account ownership in the 'Modify Account' interface, allowing me to more easily identify accounts by account owner, rather than just by username or domain.


When attempting to modify accounts/sub-accounts for a reseller within WHM as root, following the 'WHM >> Reseller Center >> Change Ownership of an Account' target URL is the standard 'Modify Accounts' page, which is a list of accounts on the server.

If you know the specific account you want already, this is great, but if you are following this target from the reseller center as root, you likely want to use this interface in context of adjusting accounts based on a reseller, if you need to change or check accounts for a reseller that are unknown, it takes cross referencing the 'reslist' URL at 'WHM >> Show Reseller Accounts' to see which accounts are owned by whom from within the interface.

It would be useful to see the owner, or alternatively, for the 'reslist' page to have increased functionality, such as a link to the 'Modify Account' page for a listed target account, or even further, a link to the Package from it's defined package in the same interface.

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