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Showing Quota Exeeded Page same like Bandwidth Exceeded page

Baiju Mathew shared this idea 7 years ago
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Currently the customer wont able to know that his quota is exceeded. The websites will work properly. We have seen some of the accounts overquota by more that 200%.

It would be better to redirect to OverQuota Page same like the Bandwidth Exceeded Page. This is required on urgent basis.

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As an Administration, in Shared Hosting we are now manually monitoring the disk quota over usage and sending email to them and redirecting such domain to a quota overusage page. After redirecting only, the customer is acting and clearing the over quota usages.

So I suggest this feature should be added in cpanel to show a Disk Quota Overusage webpage like currently showing bandwidth exceed page..


We are experiencing similar issues. This feature will compel customers to clear their disk usage or upgrade their account. If possible please implement this feature soon as this request is pending for 4+ years.

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