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Single UI for cPanel & WHM branding

Nathan Lyle shared this idea 13 months ago
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As a cPanel & WHM Administrator, I would like to have a single UI for updating the cPanel & WHM branding customization, including login screens, in order to make it easier to use.


I very much like the ability to customize the branding/theme for cPanel, webmail, and WHM. (Though I haven't had the need to worry about changing WHM's theme.) For cPanel and webmail, I've found the instructions confusing and difficult to follow in order to get things in place. WHM has some limited UI for a few parts of customization, but it quickly goes from simple in-browser settings to having to create and import an archived file that requires an administrator-level of knowledge and experience to follow. I've not needed to do anything extensive, my two primary efforts have been around updating the image/logo for webmail and cPanel login screens. Rather than outlining the back and forth I've gone through in trying to follow the steps myself, and communicating with cPanel support, I'd just like to suggest a combination of more control from within WHM for branding the various areas, and better support documentation that doesn't assume an expert server admin level of experience. (For example, in the instructions it talks about uploading the customized login theme that had been duplicated, downloaded, and modified, but it doesn't explain what format the compressed theme file needed to be - zip, tar, etc. - likely something that's a no-brainer for someone with more admin experience than myself.)

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