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Site Publisher Search and Sorting in the end-user cPanel interface

Daniel Berthiaume shared this idea 6 years ago
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The cPanel Site Publisher introduce great feature for offering a simple and quick website design for the client. Currently, the cPanel interface will list all of the available templates in a huge list. This is easy to use with the default 3 templates installed, but once you have a 100 + templates, it is more difficult to select the desired template. I suggest the ability to search installed template by keyword or by category. Both information could be entered directly in the meta.json file in the “information” tag.

EX :

  1. {

  2. "information": {
  3. "id": "stylish",
  4. "name": "Stylish",
  5. "description": "Page contemporaine avec style",
  6. "preview_image_path": "/preview.png",
  7. "category":"business card",
  8. "keyword","corporate, blue, cellphone,splashpage"
  9. },
  10. "fields": [
  11. ….

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Can do.

The only concern I can see with this is the ability to localize this information so that those who don't speak english can find templates using their native languages AND site template designers can design templates with specific regions in mind. We'll need to accommodate that in the plans for keyword meta information


I agree with you, this problem is already present with the current format, since we can’t define a language for the actual description and field detail.

To solve this problem, the main template should have a “default language” tag in the meta.json file, and every language tag should be in separate files (You would therefore remove the "label" and "placeholder" from the field area): EX

  1. {

    "information": {

    "id": "personal",

    "name": "Personal",

    "description": "Single page personal site",


    “ default_lang”:”English”,


    "fields": [


    "id": "fullName",

    "type": "text",


And create separate langue json files so that each provider could support the re desired language (if the cPanel default language is not in the list that the system would use the template default language setting).

  1. {


    "fullName_label":"Enter your FullName",





Language support is definitely needed!

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