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Slave Zone (Secondaries)

jmcnab shared this idea 10 years ago
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There is currently no implemented way to add a slave zone for a domain who's master is outside of the DNS cluster without manually editing the named.conf and adding the slave zone definition and server location for the master.

A gui button that will allow the addition of or conversion of a zone to a slave and defining the master I would be a welcome addition. It should be fairly easy to implement and would limit manual editing of the named.conf and ensure that syntax errors don't cause BIND issues when restarting.

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I concur with the feature request - the manual configuration of the Master/Slave zone file is not a scaleable solution when you host so many domains.

I have seen some custom solutions with secondary DNS service providers such as DNSMadeEasy and BuddyNS - however adding the management of the BIND Master/Slave into the cPanel GUI would be very useful.

PS - Perhaps as a group feature which includes DNSSEC

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