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Snapshots from WHM

George Politis shared this idea 7 years ago
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Snapshots server or vps From whm.

Backup all in one file and restore from whm.

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Hey there! Can you clarify this for me a bit? Do you want to see cPanel/WHM provide you the ability to create a full-server backup (accounts and service configuration files) in one file? This seems to essentially duplicate the function of the Transfer Tool, though in a different format. Can you elaborate on what you're looking for, specificially in functionality differences from the Transfer Tool?


I am a new in VPS and Cpanel/WHM. The idea of taking a snapshot of the server sounds great. I can take a snapshot of the entire server at a specific point in time and if something goes wrong with the installation of a module/Firewall setting/incompatibility etc...a snapshot will bring the server back in its previous state. Very helpfull for people like me who started recently and learn the cpanel/whm.

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