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Spam Prevention

Dean shared this idea 8 years ago

Cpanel needs to provide a better email spam prevention system,

Perhaps mailscanner or assp, with a easy to use interface, for both admin and client.

a great example is spamexperts but that is expensive.


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I don't think this should be a priority for the cPanel team. Yes, spam is problem that affects all hosting providers but there are so many different strategies/products available it would be hard to come up with a one size fits all (or even most) approach. Plus there are already a number of 3rd party providers who provide installation scripts/services for Mailscanner (such as CSF's Mailscanner FE) and other solutions at quite reasonable cost.


In 11.50 we provided greylisting. In 11.52 we further enhanced greylisting. We also are providing a number of SpamAssassin enhancements in 11.52 that will reduce your spam influx.

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