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Spamassassin Bayes data in a clustered environment

cPdans shared this idea 10 years ago
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As an email server administrator, I would like to store spamassassin bayes data in mysql so that I could setup a centralized database to serve several servers in a rack/cluster so that I might avoid the maintenance work of protecting several machines on our subnet or domain from the same attack/exploit and repeating the same rules across those machines.

There's tons of material on this. I've tried shoveling through the cPanel implementation and haven't been able to discover a workaround. I understand that a third party installation of spamassassin and custom configuration of exim could make it work (probably), but this would be a useful feature in a low latency network especially with a remote mysql server and a cluster of cpanel servers serving mail and web content especially if they are vulnerable to the same spam attacks as in the situation that they all shared the same mail domain or parent domain.

In the case that this is implemented, it would be great to store user (cpanel account at least) specific information here as well.

This also serves the "Can I merge Bayesian data?" issue. MySQL can do joins cleanly and resolve duplication while Bayes databases cannot.

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