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Special account Backup ( VIP Account )

ahfaris81 shared this idea 7 years ago
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the feature is to mark some special accounts to be backed up every day or every two days other than other backup which is backed up weekly for example.

so when you choose to enable backup for user account in the user accounts list under backup settings, you can choose the backup schedule for that account.

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This is an important feature and is required to backup account daily for some users and weekly for some users and monthly for some users.

This is a tough part to complete but will be a great feature in cPanel if they consider it!


As a hosting provider it would be great to schedule number of daily, weekly or monthly backups per account and define local or remote locations for the same. The ability to manage these options for multiple accounts simultaneously are also needed.


This feature would vastly help breakup the load caused by backups/transport even if it simply allowed the accounts to be broken down to two or more groups to backup on different days, group a and group b alternating for example so only half as many accounts to process each night


Just to expand on my upvote, I am upvoting the idea of setting up schedules or methods (ie local drive or remote S3/Google Drive) backups on a per-user basis.

ie. I can configure multiple schedules with user-friendly nicknames as well as multiple destinations.

The backup config page should let me select (perhaps from two dropdowns per account in a vertical table) which schedule to use and which method to use.

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