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Specific IPv6 assignment (subdomains/nameservers)

Andrej Walilko shared this idea 6 years ago
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When assigning IPs to accounts, only the main domain is assigned an IPv6 address, and this address is meted out by WHM from the available pool. The address is then added to the configuration for the network device and the IP is then routable.

However, when one wishes to assign an IPv6 to a subdomain or nameserver, there is no option to have WHM draw an address from the assigned IPv6 range for those allocations. With the breadth of the IPv6 address space, it would be counterintuitive to assign an IP for the nameservers that is already assigned to a different domain.

Please add an option to configure and reserve a specific IP from the IPv6 range for manual assignment.

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I do agree that it would be nice to have a way to assign specific reserved IPs for the nameservers, subdomains and/or domains as well as being able to assign a specific non reserved IP to one of the above as well. As of now these are essentially reserved from use completely by cPanel and would require manual configuration to OS files to bind the IP to the server and also require modifications to cPanel domain configuration / userdata files to associate the IP with an account which is not ideal for many or those who are not familiar with command line functions and where specific configuration files for the OS or WHM/cPanel are.

For general information, you can reserve IPv6 IPs via WHM >> IP Functions >> IPv6 Ranges. Simply click Add Range, specify the IPv6 address to reserve and select the reserved option. However of course as mentioned above these are then prevented from automatic use by cPanel and require manual configuration.


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