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Split the Resource Usage Limit into two options

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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I have create all reseller packages to unlimited bandwidth, but when a reseller log into WHM and try to upgrade or downgrade an account, he receive the following error message:

Package that cannot be created because of limits.

And I have edit the reseller resources limit in the reseller center, and set the bandwidth to 9999999999 MB at WHM >> Reseller Center, because I can not set unlimited bandwidth as instructions at the same page.

*Unlimited is not acceptable here. If you wish to only limit one of these, just set the other limit to a very large number.

And I checked the "Allow creation of Packages with Unlimited Bandwidth" in Package privs on the same page.

But when a reseller try to create a new host account, he receive the following error message:

The following packages have been disabled because they have unlimited bandwidth or quota limits.

So there is no package available to create a host account.

And it's very make confusing for the reseller users, why they can't use the package with "Unlimited Bandwidth", if they can create the package with "Unlimited Bandwidth"?

I think is better if we selected the resource usage limit and both of the options for creation unlimited package is disabled on Package Privs.

Or better if the cPanel can split the resource usage limit, into two options, like selection for the Disk Space Resource Limit and selection for the Bandwidth usage limit, instead of one selection for resource usage limit of disk space and bandwidth.

It's my feature request if possible, and I hope it can be available on the next release.

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This is a major PITA. It is increasingly common for resellers to want to sell packages with unlimited b/w - we as hosts want to limit their overall quota.

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