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Start an authentic Reseller session for the create_user_session API call with service=cpaneld

cp_Sky shared this idea 6 years ago

When you use the API to create_user_session for a reseller, the generated cPanel session is not the same as the Resellers session when clicking through the WHM interface or logging directly as the Reseller into cPanel on 2083.

It would be valuable to some to be able to use the create_user_session to generate a standard Reseller cPanel session with the "Switch Account" drop down menu present when accessing cPanel via the provided session URL from this API call.

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This is a feature that used to work in previous versions of cPanel.


Was this ever addressed? I remember we noticed this some time in the past and it was quite unfortunate that api generated sessions didn't have the sub-account switch drop down menu.

By the way... hello Sky...


It does look like it was, based on what I'm seeing in the documentation.

If that isn't working then we'd consider it a bug at this point. If you have any further questions, feel free to open a ticket with our support team, or send me an email!

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