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Stop all data transfer when an account's maximum allotment of data is reached

Merv Renton shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a Server Administrator, I would like to see all services data usage stop when a cPanel account reaches it’s bandwidth limit so the cause is reviewed and potentially eliminating any sort of billing issues between admin and client.


As a Server Administrator I have some cPanel accounts that don't have an active website but do have numbers of email accounts or do FTP activities, etc.

We were surprised when a problem email account/machine of one such client used up all of their monthly bandwidth allocation in a few days and was then able to continue its activity, pushing the data usage to 150% and more.

We have seen websites stopped when 100% bandwidth allocation was reached, and expected that ALL data usage would be stopped - but it is not.

We have been told "Users can still access FTP, Mail, and DAV services, even if their account exceeds the monthly bandwidth limit."

It would be great if ALL regular data usage could be stopped when the bandwidth allocation was reached, forcing a review of the cause and preventing potential billing issues between the Admin and the client from escalating unnecessarily.

Hopefully cPanel access to investigate the problem could still be allowed.



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