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Stop Boxtrapper from sending verification emails

d3strategies shared this idea 6 years ago
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There needs to be a way to totally stop Boxtrapper from sending out the verification emails it uses to verify that a human is on the other end. The program continues to try to contact the bogus emails and sends me back a series of Failed Delivery Attempts. I'd like for Boxtrapper to simply trap the mail and then allow me to whitelist, blacklist or ignore those senders manually.

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We are certainly aware of the backscatter problem that you are concerned about. Currently the challenge email is an integral part of Boxtrapper's design...however.. of the things we've discussed internally is to re-implement Boxtrapper in the form of a default email filter which holds all email from addresses that you haven't explicitly authorized into a separate folder in your account. When you move an email out of this folder, it would add the sender to your whitelist. The next time that sender sends you an email, it skips the holding area and goes to your inbox and through your other email filters. (Removing the sender from your whitelist or adding blacklist entries would ideally be just as easy - perhaps copying email into blacklist or whitelist folders which Boxtrapper would scan when authorizing email).


That sounds good. Also, having the ability to blacklist in bulk would be great along with the ability to blacklist an entire domain. I get a ton of junk and it seems there are very few spam emails from the same exact sender. But many come from the same domain. Being able to select several emails at a time and blacklist them or quickly blacklist a domain without having to manually type in a special string would be a huge timesaver. Maybe some buttons like "Blacklist all selected" and "Blacklist all senders matching this domain."

How far away are the features you suggest in your post? I need something sooner rather than later.

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