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Stop deleting the transferred backup when errors occur

Roger Smiley shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a Sysadmin, I would like to have the ability to manage the actions taken by cPanel when an error is encountered in a Transfer / Restore process so we can save time in redoing the process when valid a backup exists.


Simply put however, the goal of this feature request is the ability to choose whether or not cPanel deletes a transferred backup when errors are encountered. I looked for a way to edit my feature request without success. So I'll post an updated request for the additional features if necessary in the future.

As someone who is frequently transferring accounts between cPanel servers using a variety of means all stemming from the cPanel scripts themselves. My issue lies specifically with the Remote User Account Transfer tool though it may be within the restore script itself. Quite honestly, I haven't looked.

All the same, whenever anything goes wrong in the process after the backup has been transferred over. It is simply deleted without regard for correcting the errors that were brought to light. My most common frustration is disk space failures. Occasionally I'll blindly copy an account over unaware of how much exact disk use it has, only to find it has failed due to the required disk space needed. An example is below.

Target “/home” on host “” has 46.18 GB free and requires at least 53.97 GB free, which includes space for temporary files.

Removing copied archive “/home/cpmove-thisguy-1317285703.tar.gz” from the local server …
Now here we had a failure due to roughly 7 gigs of additional space being needed. At this point in time, it is not hard at all to simply add space temporarily to accommodate the restore process. You can resize VMs without much difficulty anymore. So in this accord, the backup is simply deleted from the server.

What happens now is I increase the disk size for the server, connect to the other server via an FTP/SFTP method and download the backup it created in the first place. That's right, it deletes it from the restoring server but not the source server.

So this causes further delay in the process depending on the size of the backup and the previous provider transfer speed. For this specific example, the below output is the added time due to the backup deletion.' at 53934216 (0%) 2.83M/s eta:1h48m [Receiving 

If we didn't delete the backup immediately on failure, we would not be waiting another almost 2 hours to restore the user.

If it were possible to make it a toggle option in the process, or simply allow for settings to control the behavior. It would fix the whole problem and save a lot of time for people like myself who spend a lot of time using the transfer tool.

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