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Stop prorating expiration dates in cPanel store

Marcelo Pedra shared this idea 2 years ago
Needs Review

As a small hosting company, I want to be able to pay license renewals 30 days after every individual purchase, like it's currently possible with third parties like Buycpanel.

That flexibility to take payments would allow individuals and even partners from emerging countries to avoid issues with credit card daily usage limits, and you (cPanel) will get your payments anyway. In fact, you will get more license activations if you allow customers to pay hundreds of dollars during several moments of the month, rather than if they have to pay all their items together once a month.

Currently, standard users are charged on 1st day, every month. Partners on 15th. That way, small businesses are forced to disburse very large amounts of money once a month, hitting credit cards limits more easily as they grow.

Also, adding the options to allow Adding Funds to the account would be a really sweet feature.

Hope you can take this request into consideration, and accept applying it, in full, or at least allow adding funds.

Best regards

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