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Store 30 days of cPanel update logs in /var/cpanel/updatelogs/

Guest shared this idea 9 years ago

When assisting customers, cPanel support staff may need to review cPanel's update history as recorded in /var/cpanel/updatelogs/ . Sometimes the log that needs to be reviewed does not exist, because it goes back further than 10 days (or whatever the current limit of logs to store may be).

This is a request from your support staff to store more days' logs, up to 30 or so. The disk space used by the logs is negligible. I cannot foresee any issues that could be caused by this.

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This would be very helpful and should not have a noticeable impact on disk usage.


The number of days should be configurable and not limited to a hard-coded value.


Not sure exactly when this was added, but as of v68 the logs re definitely retained for 30+ days.


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