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Stronger controls/warnings for cPanel actions that might get overwritten by version control

spaceman shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a hosting provider, I would like to see more clarity in the cPanel UI that differentiates between features and tools that can be overwritten by version control, and those that cannot. This helps prevent confusion between developer and client when changes to content are made.


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As a cPanel hosting provider, I'm concerned that there are cPanel functions (some obvious like File Manager, many less obvious like IP Blocker) that allow cPanel users to make changes to code that later get inadvertently overwritten by a software developer using version control.

I've seen this happen many times. Often it goes unnoticed for some time - days or weeks. And then various finger-pointing happens because the client wants to know who undid their changes, because they're sure that they didn't, and the developer can't remember changing anything.

This is very frustrating for the cPanel user (typically the owner of the site) and for the developer who thought s/he was doing the right thing putting the site under version control.

My recommendation is that cPanel take the opportunity to more clearly distinguish between cPanel functions that make changes to a hosting account that can't be overwritten by version control, versus those that can.


1. More use of "are you sure?" warnings at the point where the cPanel user goes to make a change, with appropriate help text to explain why they're being asked "are you sure?"

2. Some sort of visual and/or text hint next to cPanel functions that more clearly delineate between high-impact, versus low impact, functions.

3. Assisting cPanel hosting providers with an option to toggle "off" all cPanel functions that allow changes that are vulnerable to being overwritten by version control (i.e. because they know that the site is under version control).

4. Other?


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