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"suexec error log messages" displaying non-errors

Peter Armstrong shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a web hosting provider, I would like for the “errors” page in the “Latest suexec error log messages” to be improved so it only shows actual errors, and not general information, because this is confusing to end-users who contact us for support resolving these “errors” due to lack of experience.


The "Errors" page in cPanel now includes a section "Latest suexec error log messages" and it's pulling info from the server log file /var/log/apache2/suexec_log

However we've been contacted by several clients concerned about seeing "errors" here and we've had to advise them the log entries displayed here are just general info and not actually errors, for example:

[2019-12-13 10:53:03]: uid: (1002/username1) gid: (1004/username1) cmd: autodiscover.cgi

[2019-12-13 10:48:08]: uid: (1002/username1) gid: (1004/username1) cmd: autodiscover.cgi

Can the Errors page be improved so that cPanel only displays actual suexec errors?

I thought suexec messages used to be prefixed with 'info' or 'error', is this no longer the case?

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