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Support and Quickinstall for Mastodon and other Fediverse software

Brian Smith shared this idea 23 months ago
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As a cPanel User, I would like support for independent server-based social networking products from the ActivityPub/Fediverse software family, such as Mastodon, so that users can take advantage of this emerging form of social networking.


As a cPanel user, I am dissapointed at the lack of support for this emerging form of social networking. I think it is important going forward to not only be able to install ActivityPub/Fediverse software and CMS websites on cPanel in the first place, but to be easily able to install them. This will allow cPanel users to network and keep up with this new kind of social networking, improving the product.

Mastodon is the largest Fediverse software, but others are listed here which are worth considering

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