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Support For Cpanel Server Scaling On Amazon AWS (ie horizontal scaling)

c-panel_user shared this idea 8 years ago
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BACKGROUND: Now that Cpanel supports 1:1 NAT, Cpanel-powered servers can run in cloud environments like Amazon AWS. Unfortunately, a Cpanel server in Amazon AWS cannot currently be horizontally scaled on demand to add more computing resources to the server. This limitation negates the vast computing potential of running servers in an elastic cloud environment like AWS.

FEATURE REQUEST: Support for horizontal Cpanel server scaling (i.e. hardware/resource scaling).

One embodiment would support provisioning of new Cpanel servers upon meeting set parameters (spike in load, etc) the automated provisioning of any necessary license(s) and the ability of the new server to join itself to the master server, database cluster, network, etc.

This embodiment should additionally support failover in order to create redundancy when operating servers in a cloud environment like AWS. If the master Cpanel server fails, this embodiment requires that one of the other 'slaves' should have the capability to be automatically promoted to the master server.

(Note: this embodiment is different from Cpanels 'clustering' capability which allows for separate distinct Cpanel servers anywhere on the internet to join as a networked DNS cluster. Cpanel's current clustering functionality is not the same as hardware/resource scaling based on demand as described in this feature request.

Furthermore, although it is possible to scale a Cpanel server vertically in AWS (i.e. stopping the server and cloning is as a larger server with more resources), this requires shutting down the server and reprovisioning it as a new, larger instance. The utility of scaling vertically on AWS is thus limited and is not practical for on demand auto-scaling when spikes in load occur. Auto scaling on AWS currently requires a horizontal scaling strategy)

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Just to clarify !

We'll first need to buy license for cPanel corresponding to the Elastic IP rather the automatically assigned Public IP. Is that correct ?Also which cPanel license we need to purchase ?

Thanks in advances for any helpful responses !

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