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Support for integrating with Cloudflare DNS

Gregory Young shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a Web Host and Cloudflare Partner, I would like to be able to manage DNS entries hosted by Cloudflare from the DNS Zone Editor to simplify the onboarding process with Cloudflare.


As a web host and Cloudflare partner, I would like to be able to manage DNS entries hosted by Cloudflare from the DNS Zone Editor. Proper API integration with Cloudflare could ensure proper DNS zone setup, easy zone changes and better integration with Let's Encrypt DNS validation (yes, we use Let's Encrypt behind CloudFlare to ensure we have a fully secured connection all the way to the end user).

As it stands now, onboarding a zone to Cloudflare is a very labour intensive process. It would be nice to have cPanel use it's templates to configure the zones on Cloudflare, as they do on our local DNS servers.

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The cpanel cloudflare plugin used to work with the "Advanced Zone Editor" but since that's been deprecated, certain types of DNS updates from cpanel don't seem to get into cloudflare.

For example, creating new sub/addon domains appears to work fine and cloudflare creates these along with all the initial dns entries that go with a new add on domain.

however, the SFP/DKIM editor which will create DNS TXT records doesn't get into cloudflare so these records need to be created manually in cloudflare.

I believe the problem isn't with cpanel but with the cloudflare plugin. I've submitted a support request for cloudflare to update their plugin, which is likely where this problem has to be fixed.

If more people ask cloudflare to update it, then they might.

It's not generally been updated in 3-4 years.

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