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Support for Multiple Level administrative e-mails

Bülent Özden shared this idea 5 years ago
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(this is from what I see in WHM 58 and prior)

There is only one Email definition under "WHM => Server Contacts => Contact Manager" and you can fine tune notification settings. You can also set multiple email addresses. On the other hand you get all the notifications in one single mail, high/medium/low, whatever you set. It does clutter the email box and so that you constantly get emails.

It would be a good addition IMO, to be able to add more email levels for such a scenario:

Email-1 gets all selected messages for archival, daily review purposes

Email-2 gets critical events, alerts.

You may check Email-2 immediately (e.g from mobile) and act accordingly but check Email-2 when you have time on desktop.

Same feature could be used in other add-ons like CSF in future versions..

Thank you...

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This is a great idea, and I think it would tie in nicely with another existing idea here:


While you folks are working on feature suggestions these days, can you please also consider this one? I think it is easy to implement.

Currently I'm using a GMail account per server, create filters there and forward to my own mail if it is an ALERT. It does the job and give some more control, but it would be cumbersome if I had many servers.

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