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Support for webhook URLs to trigger git repository updates

rue shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like support for webhook URLs to trigger git repository updates so that I can update multiple sites simultaneously by pushing code to a single GitHub repo.

Currently, I am required to log into cPanel on each site and manually pull from GitHub.


I currently have a number of sites running in Plesk environments that share some code hosted on GitHub. In Plesk, I have set up webhooks on each site that trigger automatic deployment any time there's a commit to the Master branch on GitHub. This lets me update all sites simultaneously with no effort.

Looking for similar capability in cPanel so I can move the sites away from Plesk.

There was a talk by @cPanelAdamF of webhook support on the old git feature request ( but unfortunately, it never materialized.

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I would love this to be implemented. Would make git control so much easier!

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