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Support & Interface for Linux Malware Detect (Maldet / LDM) & ClamAV

Greg shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server admin I would like to see the inclusion of support for Maldet with ClamAV. Integrating these two scripts provides a much better anti malware scanner than either script individually.

Additionally it should have a native GUI for its various features such as email notifications, scheduled / daily scans, scan results, files in quarantine, definition and script updates, running scan status etc.


I would like Maldet to be included in WHM in a similar fashion to ClamAV or as a ClamAV plugin. This would also need to configure itself to run with ClamAV - info can be found in links at bottom

While this can all be done manually via SSH, providing an interface for users both in WHM and cPanel will seriously increase security levels for servers and accounts, admins and users and will drastically reduce the time required to manage such tasks while overall helping to increase security

Link to Maldet Website & Github project:

And here is a good article in regards to setting these up together.

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