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Support IPv6 CIDR ranges and/or IPv6 wildcards for Security Questions, SourceIPCheck Security Policy

Donald Holl shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a system administrator who enabled cpsrvd to listen on IPv6, I want to be able to manage wildcard IPv6 addresses and/or IPv6 CIDR ranges for the SourceIPCheck Security Policy so that I do not have to constantly re-authorize my current IPv6 address -- i.e., repeatedly answer security questions more than once a day -- each time I log-into cPanel&WHM.

Currently, use of IPv6 with the SourceIPCheck Security Policy is limited to only single IPv6 addresses that are added after answering Security Questions. The authorization process of answering security questions repeats itself each time the client IPv6 address changes due to IPv6 Privacy Extensions, per RFC 4941 ( ).

The present interface in both cPanel & WHM allows manually adding only IPv4 addresses in an ancient manner (via four separate text input fields). This should be updated to allow both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses with a range defined either as a wildcard or using CIDR notation.

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