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Support to use licensed accounts on multiple servers.

Tom O shared this idea 6 months ago
Not Planned

As a cPanel user, I would like to be able to distribute licensed accounts between multiple servers so that I can simplify my administration and reduce licensing costs. This would allow me to maintain a single cPanel license while deploying accounts on appropriate servers around the globe and easily move accounts from one server to another.


I am a bit surprised that this is not available yet. I guess the reason is that cPanel wants to continue the process of making (server count) x (base charge) for multiple serves.

My perspective is that accounts are the actual thing licensed and should be able to be used in a format of 2 on Server A, 15 on Server B, and 3 on Server C. All under a single cPanel 30 account license. If I am paying to have 30 accounts, don't make me pay 50% more when I need to isolate one account on a separate server/VM.

We should be able to specify an IP address and the number of accounts for license control. There are cases where this is what is needed and having to pay multiple times for accounts that can be had at a discount in multiples is really not exciting. It is the single thing that makes me consider not using cPanel just based on the principle of it.

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Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion. After some discussion with the Product Owner team, this is not planned for development.