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Text field to write "Notes" or "Memos" for accounts.

dkTronicsCL shared this idea 6 years ago
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Sometimes you need to write a text or an important reminder for a client. It would be nice to have a text field for each account and it's shown in the list of accounts.


A veces es necesario escribir un texto o un recordatorio importante para un cliente. Sería bueno tener un campo de texto para cada cuenta y que este se muestre en la lista de cuentas.

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How would you expect users to use this note field?


cPanelAdamF wrote:

How would you expect users to use this note field?
To type or record any issue, that need to be remember or type any special note for future refrences


Nice idea. For example I need simple contact information about domain owner. Telephone, address, mail, note, etc. Today I use excel sheet for contact information but is not best.


There are separate ideas merged?

One would be an internal Notes field only the host would see:

Some hosts may use for full contact info. Others may still want some minimal contact info here - even if your billing is in another system, nice to be able to address user by name or get a phone number quickly or for a CSR who has limited access to your other systems.

Could be used for notes for things done to the account:

  1. 20161119 - Pete C - unsuspended after payment rec'd
  2. 20161118 - JGH - suspended acct - payment of balance required to unsuspend
  3. 20161116 - Tom J - downgraded plan per phone call with A.M.
  4. 20161009 - Pete C - tweak php.ini for WP theme per Joe Blow.
  5. 20151007 - Pete C - removed parked domain - Anna is trying WIX
  6. 20141002 - JGH - A.M. authorized Joe Blow joblow@nosuch.tld 555-555-5555 as webmaster for all websites - give tech info/assist, but may not change plan or cancel.

Could be used to hold a cross-reference to an account number or client's name in another system where you may not have the facility to search by domain name.

Billing/contact # D006729

Acct: Manana, Anna

One would be a Memo field as OP shenzy requested here that the client can also see.

Could be something non-urgent you want client to be reminded of from time to time - the presence of the "sticky note" icon in the cPanel as shenzy illustrated (ony when a memo is present, users without a memo don't have that icon): On 2014 Oct 2, you have authorized Joe Blow to act on your behalf for webmaster issues. Please remember to rescind this auth should your situation change.

To take this idea a step further, in addition to the "stick note" icon for non-urgent memo, could we have a prominent injected box along the top of the cpanel for time-sensitive/important notes. This could be used for:

- global announcements such as upcoming maintenance

- upcoming domain or SSL renewals

- invoicing due

Should be capable to support the option for the host of tying this field into his other systems. For example, a host may program his domain system to interract here and clear the upcoming domain renewal reminder out of this field once the domain order is processed.


Why not just write a text file in the base of the account folder such as /accountname/notes.txt and you can edit/access this from the File Manager.


Would be nice if, when signing in to the user's account as 'root', the NOTES you'd made were displayed at the top - perhaps as a clickable show/hide eg:


Or if none present:



I see that this topic is quite old and may not be likely to be incorporated but I also have a use case that would benefit greatly from a custom field on the hosting account list and would love to see this option in the future! I will stay tuned...


"6 years ago.."

Hey cPanel, here is another small but great idea that you could implement taking advantage of the license cost increases, right?

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