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The ability to add remote destinations for e-mail instead of archiving on disk.

Travis Ellis shared this idea 9 years ago
Open Discussion

Currently the e-mail archive utility allows users to archive incomming and outgoing e-mail. Archived e-mail is stored on an imap account but there is no way to forward this e-mail to an external address.

We have had requests from customers to be able to forward e-mails to an external address (to an exchange server for example).

This feature is usefull when a client hasn't got have enough disk space on his hosting account to store outgoing e-mails for a long period. Forwarding to an external account would solve this issue.


I would like to suggest two options:

1) Copy incoming/outgoing to an e-mailaddress (

2) Copy incoming/outgoing to a different SMTP host (for Mailarchiva/Mailpiler SMTP hosts)

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