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The ability to customize the WHM & Cpanel port & url

Daniel Kempton shared this idea 7 years ago
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Forgive me if has already been suggested or has even been comlpleted but I did not see anything on this.

I will admit from the start, when it comes to security, I can be a bit OCD and sometimes a bit overboard. However it has always amazed me that the only ports you can't seem to modify are those for WHM, cPanel and web-mail. While, it is not easy, through WHM you can change the ports for things like SSH and FTP, which I have done. It is harder for them to try and hack in, if they can't even find the port.

However with cPanel, anyone can try going to or I see serious security issues with this. For starters, by determining that I am running cPanel, and possibly determining the version of cPanel, they know how to tailor their attack.

I'd like to be able, to define a port such as 32083, and a url such as there is a way to modify the port in the WHM/cPanel config, currently doing so, breaks things. If I recall when I tried this, it broke communication between the site and the host. It might work, to use 2083 for cPanel for localhost or on the local network, but still allow a custom port/url for publicly routed IP Addresses.

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