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The outlook autoconfigure ignores some settings

Donny Lairson shared this idea 9 years ago
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The outlook autoconfigure ignores some settings and there should probably be a page for setting up the autoconfigure in the WHM.

By far one of the most helpful features when selling hosting accounts if this worked properly.

To get around local port 25 blocks via ISP's some custom setup is required many times.

Exim on another port ignored I set mine to 29

Outgoing server requires authentication is not checked is ignored and the Hostname is put in place and due to spam we refuse connection to this.

When IMAP is set as default the custom Folder should be set to INBOX so a users device can sync folders as expected.---- Currently being addressed as a bug

Probably should be asking how long to leave copies on server in a configuration somewhere.

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I think you are talking about the autoconfig links which are provides via CPanel for every customer. Since WHM also now offers AutoConfig/Autodiscover via DNS entries for newer versions of Outlook and Thunderbird a way to create config files would be a good idea.

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