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The Transfer Tool Session Should Highlight Suspended Accounts

jcnewton shared this idea 6 years ago
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Suspended accounts should be highlighted within the Transfer Tool session. Informing the customer, or administrator of which accounts are suspended, and the possible ramifications of transferring a suspended account up front would be beneficial as opposed to trying to figure out why an account isn't working as expected just to then find out it was due to the account being suspended on the Source Server.

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In moving to a different data center and using Express Transfer I've found myself having to (in WHM) compare the List Accounts and the List Suspended Accounts frequently during the process. Perhaps the List Accounts entries could have a notification/highlight in that interface indicating which accounts are currently suspended?


In cPanel & WHM version 70 and later, suspended accounts now remain suspended upon being transferred via the Transfer Tool, so this negates a very common reason for wanting suspended accounts to be highlighted on the Transfer Tools page.

Nevertheless, it would still be helpful to have suspended accounts highlighted for instances where the server administrator has no desire to transfer suspended accounts.

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