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Toggle to disable email subaddressing feature shared this idea 6 years ago

As an email user, I would like to be able to disable subaddressing, so I can monitor subaddresses without creating additional folders.

As it exists, unless an email has already been sent to the subaddress, or you're already aware of the targeting, theres no way to be notified of incoming mail sent in this manner. This prevents randomized subaddresses and other usage cases.

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Thanks so much for your submission! We had a good amount of internal conversation about this, and this feature, so I wanted to provide some further context here.

The feature, as released, was intentionally designed as the best of all possible options. There currently isn't an RFC or widely agreed upon spec for email sub-addressing, which means that anyone choosing to implement it will do so according to their needs. Unfortunately that definitely means that users might get different behavior, due to those different implementations.

The good news is that, currently if a filter exists for a particular sub-address construction (e.g., the filter will be processed before the folder creation can occur. Folder creation will only occur if no filtering occurs. If that's not what you're seeing, please do open a ticket with your license provider or our support department:

In relation to the discussion of subscription: we opted to go the route of not auto-subscribing the folders to avoid abuse of the system by spammers, similar to what we're currently seeing with iCloud Calendar spamming.

To help further understanding, we're going to improve our communication and education around this feature. This will come in the form of documentation, feature articles, and the like. I'm going to mark this as Not Planned for now, but if you have questions in the meantime please do feel free to email me!


We were using our cPanel email from bounce processing. and this change in cPanel is causing us a problem.

We originally polled the main inbox for these messages, so this change has stopped our systems working.


I'm back with good news for this request! We are currently working on adding the ability to adjust this behavior to the product. This should be included in cPanel & WHM Version 80, which we expect to have released in the second quarter of this year. The new API calls were included with cPanel & WHM Version 78, but the interface for this feature won't be available until version 80. If you'd like to take a look at the API calls you can check them out here:




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