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Transfer Tool - Add option to NOT suspend a site after transferring

Kyla Eadie shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a , I would like the ability to turn off suspension of a site post-transfer as this improves the experience of migrating a site from one server to another.


I just found out that when you use the Transfer Tool, it suspends the site on the origin server and adds a rule in the .htaccess file redirecting any traffic to a moved page.

(RedirectMatch \.(dynamiccontent|pl|plx|perl|cgi|php|php4|php5|php6|php3|shtml)$
This behavior without a way to turn it off seems very unfriendly to the user (no offense). Sometimes we copy sites for testing, staging, or for working on their new site.

Please add a way to turn this off (by default I would think). It is the easiest way to transfer a copy of a site from one server to another.


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I believe this only happens if you check "Express transfers"

Check the docs:


for example we use to move account to diferent servers , so we need also validate this feature checking if it is not marked

Consider an option to disable from WHM


I agree 100%. I transfer sites all the time before I want them to go live. This new feature should really be removed or at least the ability to disable it. Thanks


I agree. Please add an checkbox option (or something else) to not suspend the account on old server.

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