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Transfer tool to have synchronise option

Plesk4lyf shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a Web hosting provider I would like the ability to synchronise accounts within the Transfer tool. I believe it would add the following benefits to the product:

- Easier migrations

- Faster migrations

- Greater flexibility

- Greatly lowers impact of DNS propagation issues


Recently I was trying to synchronize accounts to a new server and it kept failing back to using SCP. cPanel support advised that the tool isn't built with synchronising accounts in mind.

I would like to propose a feature to have the transfer tool have the option to specify to "synchronise" accounts if they already exist on the destination.

It'll pretty much do what it's already doing except with the following differences:

- It won't failback to SCP. It'll use Rsync or just abort the synchronize option. (You can still do transfer normally where it'll use SCP if you want to)

- It'll run rsync with the delete option so it effectively mirrors the source (currently doesn't delete, it just overwrites existing files).

- It'll recreate the account (currently already does that. But I'm specifying it so if an addon domain or package change is made on the source, it updates on the destination as well)

- Doesn't "finish" after the resync. This is so if you copied an account and had to rename on the destination, you can keep track of which source user matches which destination.

An additional bonus to this resync feature would be:

- Ability to resync just databases/files/emails

- Ability to run only selected accounts at a time

- Ability to update DNS (like express transfer) after resync, with the express transfer features like locking users out and the movingpage.cgi being optional extras.

It sounds like a lot but it's not really. The transfer tool already does 95% of this, it just doesn't have the granularity as available options. It would be mostly an interface update and a slight adjustment to have rsync with the delete option.

A lot of what I've described is actually already in Plesk. Plesk's migration tool (PMM) has transfers run as more of a project inside. It's not over until you specify it's over. I'm not saying to outright copy Plesk's tool, but to draw some inspiration from it.

This would help greatly with clients wanting to test their sites on cPanel before deploying. It would also help to make the switch to live much faster if it's only copying the changes (rsync).

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