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Transfer tool to verify remote IP on DNS updates before changing records

Mauritz Swanepoel shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a Systems Administrator, I would like the transfer tool to verify remote IP on DNS updates before changing records so that the DNS updates does not override any custom DNS records that may have been set by the old host or client. This will avoid any complications that may occur after the account is transferred.


When transferring in an account from a remote server using the transfer tool, the last step updates the DNS records to the new server. This is fine and works as expected, however, if on the old account there was custom DNS settings (say for example an A record pointing to a different IP) these are also changed to the new server, meaning any custom records would have been changed.

The transfer tool DNS updates should verify if the A record is the same as the remote IP from where the account is transferred, and if the IP is different it should not change that record to avoid having incorrect DNS records.

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The issue is that by the time you realise that records are incorrect, you would not have the original DNS record anymore so having to then troubleshoot which records have changed is troublesome. An alternative solution can also be to ensure that all changes are logged within the new record so you can see which changes was made automatically by the transfer tool.

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