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Tweak Settings > Mail > Number of failed messages p/domain dont increment with Autoresponders

osirion shared this idea 7 years ago
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As the subject suggests, please have an extra option under 'Tweak Settings' > 'Mail' that compliments the following option:

"Number of failed or deferred messages a domain may send before protections can be triggered"

So we know when a domain reaches the above set value, it cant send for the remaining hour. However, can we make it that we have a true/false option such as "Autoresponders count towards number of failed messages protection".

The issue comes in that the above currently holds true, so when bots/spammers hit these autoresponders - they quickly reach the above set value even though their actually isnt a end user problem / compromise.

If we were able to set such a value to 'false', that would mean that the problem would be narrowed down to the end user / account compromise / dirty mailing lists, etc. and not these 'false positives'.

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